I am not a fan of purposely scaring an animal to get what a human thinks is a funny reaction. However, there are times when I have to vacuum, especially with three cats in the house. When the big, noisy sucking machine makes an appearance, there are usually three different reactions from my kitties. Ollie, our elder statesman, will run far, far away to the distant stretches of the land. Mole' is sometimes a little too, uh, let's just say she's a few leaves short of a cat nip toy. Prada usually has this "I really couldn't care less" attitude about most things, including the vacuum cleaner.

After they were fed last night, I'm sure they thought that I decided to ruin their evening by vacuuming. I fully expected for Mole' to cower in a corner, Ollie to run for the hills and Prada to watch them with a, "What's wrong with mew?" look on her face. I had two out of three right. Prada's reaction:

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