Cat Fanatics, are mew ready? If you don't know what I am refurring to, take a moment to paws and read on.

It looks like the time is meow for Mew Haven to open the first Cat Cafe in Connecticat. What's a cat cafe, you ask? Let me start from scratch.

A Cat Cafe is literally a place to enjoy an iced or hot cup of coffee or tea, even iced and hot chocolate (with chocolate ice cubes! meOW!), cookies, cakes, biscotti and get your feline fix simewltaneously. I am not kitten! And, are you ready fur this? All the kitties that stroll through the cafe are from Animal Haven in North Haven and are all adoptable. It's a furrbulous way to test pet your new BFF (Beautiful Forever Feline).

Need to finish up a paper? You can come to the Cat Cafe and put your thinking cat on.

Work has you stressed? Feline overwhelmed? You don't have to wait until Caturday to unwind. Stop by fur the purrfect way to leave the purressures of the day behind.

The Mew Haven Cat Cafe, located at 904 Whalley Ave, Mew Haven, is currently serving coffee and baked goods, they're just waiting for zoning approval to bring in the cats. Let's stay pawsitive fur the public hearing on July 24 (is it a coincidence that is the day before my birthday, I think not).

For more info on the Cat Cafe, click here -->> Check Meowt =^..^=

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