You really never know what you going to find while walking around the Hudson Valley.

Over the years people have reported that they have found all kinds of different things while they were simply walking around the Hudson Valley. People have found wallets, jewelry, all kinds of things but I don't think anyone has ever found any "cash-filled eggs" before.

That is before today, as one Red Hook woman posted on Facebook that while she was out enjoying a spring day in Red Hook, in Dutchess County, she stumbled upon a few small plastic eggs that were just sitting on the side of the sidewalk. Allison told us, "I found 3 of them near Yum Yum noodle bar when I was walking yesterday." (Yum Yum Noodle Bar is located on S Broadway in Red Hook.)

She described the eggs to us as the small plastic eggs that are normally used around Easter time. Most times the Easter Bunny fills the inside of the plastic eggs with candy and in some cases money.


What was inside the eggs?

Allison told us, "Curiosity got the better of me and I opened them- there was a dollar inside, which I first thought was play money, but then I checked them out more and it was real money. One had a stamp in it too." Here's the egg Allison found....


WOW!! What a weird thing to find! I, along with Allison am wondering where these came from? Could they have been left by the Easter Bunny last year and nobody found them and they got buried in the snow?

If you were walking in your neighborhood what would you do if you found an egg like this? Would you keep the cash? Allison answered that question through Facebook and told us, "Since I didn’t know anything about why they were there, I put them back the way they were. I’ll leave them there for whoever needs them."

If you come across any of these eggs anywhere in the Hudson Valley please let us know. I do know that from now on while I take my daily walk around Poughkeepsie I'll be keeping an eye out. You should too...LOL!

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