This week we've got a senior cat, who is available for the Animal Welfare Society senior to senior discount.

His name is Captain, and he's lost some of his Christmas spirit since he was abandoned recently when his family moved away and brought him to the shelter. He's a great looking long haired grey tabby. Captain's a little uncomfortable since arriving at the shelter, he doesn't like other dogs or cats so he feels very alone.

The folks at AWS are sure Captain will be someone's sweatheart once he finds his new forever home, and has a family that he can love, plus that would definitely revive his Christmas spirit.

AWS Image
AWS Image

So if you're looking for a really special older cat, then check out Captain. He's all up to date on his vaccines, and has already been unmetered, and is available right now.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, if you're interested in adopting one of the featured pets, any dog or cat at the shelter, you must first fill out an application on their website at Once your application is approved, you can call them at 860-354-1350 and schedule your one-on-one limited contact meeting.

The shelter is always in need of items to help keep the animals safe and clean. Right now, they are looking for bleach, paper towels and dry cat food.

If you can contribute, you can drop off the items at the shelter at 8 Dodd Road in New Milford. Just let them know you're going to drop something off, and you can do it with no contact by just leaving it in front of their building. You can also check the Animal Welfare website for their Amazon wish list, and have the items delivered right to the shelter.

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