Gross, UGH! That picture is very unnerving. Look at those little creeps. They're so small, how are we supposed to see them?

I'm not sure if I was ever so freaked out as I was last Fall. Just out of the shower, I saw a black dot on my rib cage in the bathroom mirror. I looked down, and I actually saw the freakin' thing's legs moving while embedded in my skin.

Let's back up this story.

I am not one of the faint of heart. I was a Vet Tech for more than 10 years. It takes a lot to make me lose composure. THIS made me come completely unglued. My husband was downstairs, so I started calling his name (by "calling his name", I mean that there was no one within a half of a mile that did not hear me). I guided him on how to get this disgusting blood sucking thing out of me (by "guided" I mean that I kept screaming "GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!")

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the best way to deal with a tick is to avoid them completely. Stay home, vacuum seal your house, and don't ever go outside. If this is not an option, the CDC says to avoid going into wooded areas, use replellent with at least 20% DEET, picaridin or IR3535. Spray your clothes with permethrin, some clothing already comes pre-treatd with this stuff!

For more info on how to stay tick-free, click here.  

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