I don't need anything to keep me awake at night, my mind does a great job all by itself. For instance, one night I got to thinking about Joe Nichols. I was psyched knowing that he would be one of the artists that would be performing at the Taste of Country Music Festival 2017 on Hunter Mountain.

One of the songs that has always intrigued me is the song, "Yeah", one of Joe Nichols' hit country songs. He says "yeah" a lot in that song. I mean a lot! Since I was going to get the chance to talk with him, I really wanted to ask him about this song.

Mr. Morning and I have had a debate about the "yeah-to-song" length ratio between Joe Nichols' "Yeah" and The Beatles' "She Loves You (yeah, yeah, yeah). We sat down with Joe and asked him what he thought. I hope our arguing didn't get too much in the way -- Sorry, Joe! Take a look:

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