Holy pepperoni, Batman! Buzzfeed & Yelp had the nerve to name Connecticut's best pizza and it's not your usual suspects!

We take our pizza very seriously here in Connecticut and now Buzzfeed has the unmitigated gall to deviate from the traditional "Best Pizza" winners in the state. Who or what is Buzzfeed you might ask? Buzzfeed is a cross-platform, global network for news and entertainment that generates 7 billion views each month as in 7,000,000,000 every month. Buzzfeed and yelp.com have named a tiny little pizza shop in Meriden called Little Rendezvous the Best Pizza in Connecticut! Simply Local Connecticut also named Little Rendezvous best pizza as voted on by viewers. Check it out Connecticut.

Little Rendezvous is a tiny pizza joint in Meriden that celebrated their 75th anniversary 3 years ago. Their specialty is old fashioned coal fired brick oven pizza and they don't sell slices. You have to buy a whole pie, and cash is king, because they don't take credit cards either. They also received a two thumbs up in Connecticut Magazine's Best Pizza issue in 2016.

Google Instant Street View Screen Shot
Google Instant Street View Screen Shot

Let's take a closer look at CT Magazine's Best Pizza Issue from February of this year. CT Mag broke down their ratings into categories which were LEGENDS, which is the best of the best, LEGENDS IN THE MAKING, pizza spots that have what it takes to eventually become a legend, BEER BAR PIZZA, best pizza that harmonizes with beer, UNUSUAL PLACES, pizza that can be found anywhere, not necessarily a pizzeria, and BEST OF THE REST. Here are the winners:

LEGENDS - The Original Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven

LEGENDS IN THE MAKING - Colony Grill - Stamford, Fairfield, Milford

BEER BAR PIZZA - Fire Engine Pizza Company - Bridgeport (Stanziatos in Danbury placed in this category.)

*UNUSUAL PLACES - Nica's Market - New Haven