Last week we told you about a Connecticut Transit Driver who was brutally attacked by a passenger, and was fired after the incident, now he has gotten his job back.

Stefan Knox was reportedly blindsided by an elderly passenger on his bus and beaten with a cane, before retaliating and wrestling the alleged attacker, William Horn, to the ground. Knox then left the bus, caught up with his assailant, and it was allegedly a drop kick outside the bus got Knox fired from his job.

Now according to, who were the first to feature the disturbing video, the Transit Company has given Knox his job back after a grievance hearing.

The Transit Union also released this statement:

This is not the end of the story, but a beginning to get the Connecticut DOT to provide de-escalation training to bus operators and safety barriers to protect bus operators in Connecticut.

Here's the surveillance video again, and we warn you that it is very graphic:

WTNH did talk with the driver shortly after the incident, and before he got his job back:

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