An insane video shows a tractor-trailer as it nearly tipped over onto multiple cars on the Mario Cuomo Bridge. Two other tractor-trailers did tip over.

On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned all tractor-trailers, buses and motorcycles from traveling on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, the former Tappan Zee Bridge.

Prior to the ban, two-tractor trailers tipped over and landed on it’s side, reports CBS.

One was on the Rockland bound side of the bridge, the other the Westchester bound side.

Another tractor-trailer nearly tipped over onto multiple cars, as it dangled on one side.

You can hear extremely heavy winds in the video, which shows the semi-truck nearly tip over multiple times as it drove across the car bridge.

The tractor-trailer teetered on its left side and nearly came crashing down onto cars in another lane.

“I have not seen the wind at that strength on any bridge I’ve traveled on, Bill Morris who filmed the video told CBS New York. “It was pretty intense.”

Only one driver suffered minor injuries, CBS New York reports.

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