Good news for Brookfield residents, the popular Still River Greenway is set to re-open this week.

Back in March, the Town of Brookfield had to close the popular Greenway due to over crowding, and lack of social distancing.

Well it looks like the time is right with fewer and fewer COVID-19 cases, and the town has decided to re-open the Greenway this Wednesday.

Steve Dunn, Brookfield First Selectman, is very excited to see the Greenway re-opening.

"We're going to re-open it Wednesday, we think it's safe now, we haven't had a reported case in Brookfield in 10 days, so we are going to slowly re-open".

Just because the popular walking route is re-opening, Steve says there will be some minor restrictions, and rules that people will have to follow.

"We're asking people to wear masks to be safe, also there will be no bikes, no scooters, no running. We're hoping that we don't get overwhelmed like back in March. The day before we shut it down, there were over twelve hundred people on it and you just can't safely social distance on those trails with that many people. Plus our director of public health tells us that when people are running or jogging on the trail, the water droplets can go up to 20 feet, so that's the reason for some of the restrictions like no running or jogging. We just don't want to take any chances of someone getting sick".

I'm sure your wondering just how long these restrictions be in effect. Steve also answered that as well.

"We're going to take a couple of weeks to assess the situation and if we think it's safe, then we'll lift the restrictions. It's one of the most popular places to walk in the area, we're really looking forward to re-opening it".

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