It’s the stuff movies are made from!

Let’s set the scene: A young couple who are expecting a child are at home when mom-to-be goes into labor in the early morning hours of a cold winter night. Things are a bit tense as dad calls 911. The operator listens to the nervous expectant father and dispatches paramedics.

Two police officers arrive at the home to find a woman in advanced labor with a baby who just won’t wait for anyone to transport them to the hospital before they are officially a family of three.

This was exactly the scene in Brookfield, CT on February 12, 2017.

When police officers Birdseye and Quintard of the Brookfield Police Department arrived at the home shortly before paramedics, it was obvious that little Natalie wanted to meet them before anyone else. They kept mom and dad calm and at 4:34am they helped mom deliver a baby girl.

When paramedics arrived mom and baby Natalie were transported to the hospital and this little bundle of pink became the story that will certainly be a great day in the careers of officers Birdseye and Quintard.

With all of the things that police officers go through on a daily basis, this is surely one stressful event that ended on a wonderful note. Welcome to the world, Natalie!

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