You have probably looked at an invention and thought, "why didn't I think of that?"

Well, you know that you're not alone. You may soon be holding the "SmartCoozie" and thinking the same thing.

It's your classic first world problem: what do you do with your cell phone and your drink when you are at a party? It can be a juggling act of Las Vegas proportions. reports that SmartCoozie is the brainchild of Timothy Deaking and Ralph Tremaglio of Brookfield, CT, which came to life after the two noticed that fellow party goers were struggling with this very problem. The SmartCoozie is a beverage holder with a touch sensitive clear compartment that holds your smartphone leaving one hand free.

The idea began in 2014 and involved developing the prototype and experimenting. By 2017, they had patents for SmartKoozie. Local support has been wonderful and now that they are ready for a full launch, they are looking to seal deals with concert venues, Universities and even the NFL.

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