If driving in the Hudson Valley isn't hard enough, we now have to worry about someone pulling this kind of garbage.

Bad drivers come in all forms, and if you drive to and from work every day the odds say that you've encountered one of these morons at one time or another. Need an example of what I'm talking about?

Drivers That Need to Lose Their License Today

You have the, driving too slow person holding up the passing lanes on highways, or how about the driver who thinks that they are the only driver on the road? Maybe you've seen the I'm too good to use my blinker to switch lanes driver.

Just when I thought I saw them all, I was introduced to the newest member of the driving "Hall of Shame". Let me introduce you to the "brake check" driver that was caught on video a while back performing one of the most dangerous things a driver can do while driving.

If you're unsure what a brake check is a full definition according to Wikipedia reads, a brake check occurs when a driver deliberately either taps on the brakes several times or slams hard on the brakes to show the drivers behind them that they're following too close.

This is a perfect example of what drivers should NEVER DO! This video was recorded and posted on Youtube back in October of 2019 and took place on the eastbound side of I-84 in Connecticut.

OMG! Could you imagine that ever happening to you? The driver of the blue car not only put themselves and the driver of the SUV in danger but what about every other driver that was on the road. UNREAL!! I don't understand why someone would do that?

Some comments that were left online pointed out that the driver of the blue car could've been pulling an insurance scam by intentionally causing the accident. I know from experience that if you ever rear-end another driver, 9 times out of 10 you're held liable for the accident.

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