There's a tough choice for air travelers here in Western Connecticut. You could take the ride into the unknown towards NYC to fly out of the big 3: JFK, LaGuardia or Newark, or you could go east and fly out of Connecticut's much less congested Bradley International Airport. I love flying out of Bradley if I have the choice, I'll take Hartford and Waterbury traffic any day over New York City's.

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One of the advantages that New York City's airports have over Bradley is the volume of non-stop flights. Bradley has been steadily addressing this issue over the decades, and there are quite a few non-stop flights to different destinations out of Windsor Locks.

Earlier this year, Bradley announced that a new start-up airline was going to start flying into and out of the airport, Breeze Airways, and Breeze recently started a daily non-stop flight between Bradley and Charleston, South Carolina.

According to an announcement on, Breeze Airways will now offer three more non-stop flights between Bradley and 3 new destinations: Columbus, Ohio, Norfolk, Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as of yesterday, July 29, 2021.

The flights are cheap too. I just went online to check out a flight to Pittsburgh for one passenger for this Sunday, August 1 and the quoted prices range between $106 and $120 each way.

Breeze Airways is the fifth airline started up by JetBlue's founder David Neeleman, and the company is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The airline will use single-class Embraer aircraft with a 2 by 2 seating configuration and the flights to Charleston, Columbus, Norfolk and Pittsburgh operate on a limited schedule, Thursday thru Monday.

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