One thing that I love about country music stars is that most of them are humble deep down inside. They don't forget where they came from and they don't forget to give love to the stars that gave them inspiration while they were on the way up.

Brad Paisley is one of those country music stars that never forgets where he came from. His new song, "Last Time for Everything", shows that humble trait once again.

It's a nostalgic song where he looks back at the times in his life where it's not the firsts that are tugging at his heart, but the lasts. He mentions one of my all time favorite musicians who passed away in January of 2016. I still can't believe that Glenn Frey is gone and apparently, Brad feels the same way:

Throwing the ball with the first dog you ever had
Spending all day on the lake with your grandad
Watching Glenn Frey sing "Already Gone" at the Forum in LA
There's a last time for everything

"Last Time for Everything" debuts this week on KICKS 105.5

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