The Bridgeport Bluefish's 20-year tenure in the Park City is apparently coming to an end as the city has opted not to renew the team's lease at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard.

The Connecticut Post reports that the Mayor's office has contracted with a Weston-based developer, as well as concert giant Live Nation, to renovate the Ballpark into an outdoor amphitheater, which would host a target of 29 concerts during the Summer and early Fall season. The renovations should be complete by Spring 2019, at an estimated cost of $15 million.

The deal still needs approval from the Bridgeport City Council.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this. As a baseball fan, I looked forward to a Bluefish game or two every year. The Bluefish play in a league with no direct major league affiliation, so attracting a faithful following always seemed to be tough. However, there's something appealing about the hodge-podge of players that took the field, from college standouts that just missed a big-league contract for whatever reason, to former MLB players looking for one more shot in the sun. Often at a game, a player would be announced and you'd say "Huh? What's he doing here?"  You just never knew who you might see take the field.

On the other hand, as a music fan, I have no problem with another concert venue within a short drive. We'll see how this unfolds. If this is, in fact, the Bluefish's last season, I wish them the best and hope that they find a new home soon.

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