Over the weekend I attended a Quinceanera (like a sweet 16 in latin cultures, but observed on a girl's fifteenth birthday), in Chicago, and could not believe what the most popular song at the party was.

As soon as the formalities were over, the family introductions were finalized, and symbolic dances were finished, the Mexican version of "Achy Breaky Heart" blared through the massive party speakers, and just about everyone who could move, made it to the dance floor; especially the hipsters in the crowd. The Spanish version is entitled: "No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazon" (Achy Breaky Heart, loosely translated) by the group: Caballo Dorado and it sounds a lot like Billy Ray Cyrus' original version. There is also a special line dance that goes with it and everybody knew it.

Taste of Country says this song is nearly as popular in Mexico as it was in the US, and to celebrate the 25th year of the song's release and voyage to number one on the charts, Cyrus has gone back into the studio to record a multilingual version of it with the Caballo Dorado team. Watch the video below to see the dance that goes along with the song and see if you can pick up the steps!


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