Will Spring ever show up for real? That is the question on just about anyone's mind who has lived through a New England winter. It always seems as though it will never, ever end.

Our meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, tells me that as far as any possible nor'easters in the foreseeable future, it seems as though we can finally get our spring vibe on.

This last week of March will see a slight change in the pattern.  The jet stream changes every 6 weeks or so and the sixth week is approaching.  We will NOT have a nor'easter this week, but we will see some rain showers Wednesday as a warm front passes delivering mild weather, near 60 on Thursday with a good deal of clouds.


A cold front will pass with more showers Friday then cooler weather for the Easter weekend with temperatures dropping to a bit below the seasonal normal.  There will be some increase in clouds Easter Sunday as the next wet weather system moves in.  The computer models still hint to the possibility of some winter-like precipitation in the 1st 10 days of April...but that will have to be a wait and see....One thing for certain, if/when snow does fall in April....the strong sunshine does not allow the snow to stay around very long! -Bill Jacquemin, Meteorologist

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