A lucky Danbury man has picked himself up quite a payday with a big lottery win, plus there were a few other local winners so far this month.

According to ctlottery.org, last Wednesday, August 11, was a very lucky day for Reynoldo Rodriguez of Danbury. He walked into J & R Lake Avenue and picked up a Super Cashword 22 and was the winner of $50,000.

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Now Reynoldo was not the only local winner so far in August, there were a few others who pressed their luck and wound up with a bunch of cash.

An anonymous Danbury resident picked up a Play 4 Day ticket at Mercury Sunoco on Newtown Road in Danbury and picked up $11,080.

Matherw Gallagher of Waterbury paid a visit to Sunoco Food Mart in the same town and won $50,000 playing Super Cashword 22.

Carlos Lara of New Milford won $30,000 on a 30X Cash 8th Edition with a ticket he picked up at Micheals 1 Stop Variety in Danbury.

Jeana Marchese of New Milford opted for the Play 4 Night game at Hit and Run in New Milford and was the winner of $15,416.

It was a lucky month for Samantha Lockery of Waterbury who picked up a $100,000 Cashword 11 game at Cumberland Farms in Waterbury and was the lucky winner of $10,000.

Anthony Fajardo Salinas of Danbury decided to try his luck at $100,000 Cashword 11 and nailed the grand prize of $100,000.

Alfred Palmer of Hartford was in New Milford and stopped into Valero on Danbury Road in New Milford, played $100,000 Cashword 10 and walked away with a cool one hundred grand.

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