I’m Irish - I love potatoes! Favorite part of the Big E? Big Potators. Ok, let’s be real - anything that constitutes a butter/salt delivery system is good in my book - popcorn, lobster, all of that.

Turns out that Danbury had a HUGE spud come through our area just the other day.

According to the Daily Voice, the giant Idaho potato was spotted on 84 on its way to the Spud Man Open Tournament in Farmington. What the heck is that? Well, it is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the vegetable business. I wasn't even aware of that fact before today, or that there was even a produce sponsored golf tournament at all.

The Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour was originally supposed to be just a one-off tour in 2012, but because of its popularity, its become a huge pop-culture sensation and is now in its 8th road tour, promoting the certified heart-healthy Idaho Potato.

The "Truck Tater" weighs in at 4 tons and would make 20,217 servings of mashed potatoes -- how many handles of vodka do you think could come out of a 'tato that big?

On a somewhat related note, whenever I think of potatoes I can’t get this Lord of the Rings remix out of my head, and I simply can't pass on the perfect opportunity to share it with you:

Next stop on the tater tour is Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania on July 27.

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