The Bethel Town Board of Selectman approved all 5 sign applications that were submitted for Holiday signs in PT Barnum Square for the holiday season earlier this week.

According to CT Insider, the Christmas creche, the atheist sign, the Menorah, the "Peace" sign and the "Human Light" sign were all approved for display. The approvals were solidified at a special board meeting at the Town Municipal building last night. 

Holiday signs in the square became a big issue last year with the controversial proposal to put an atheist organization's sign in the square. The proposed sign would read: "This season, no matter what you celebrate or why, Happy Holidays! - your atheist neighbors."

The sign was eventually approved, and what would follow would be a nine-month debate on how to handle the issue going forward. Essentially, the Town of Bethel would allow any religious or non-religious group who follows the correct sign application process, in accordance with the local code, that is approved to be displayed.

There was a wrinkle, however. if the Town ran out of room in the square, the approved displays would be entered into a lottery. The approvals are done for 2019 and there is room for all the messages so the dreaded lottery will not be necessary.

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