It was a huge year for country music and an even bigger year for country music videos. In 2016, several artists were more thoughtful in the treatments of their videos, and while each song tells its own story, so did these clips.

Chris Stapleton's powerful "Fire Away" raised awareness for suicide prevention, while Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" shared the universality of the message of being humble and kind, with scenes of belief from all over the world. McGraw previously told Taste of Country that he connected with the song after taking his daughter Gracie off to college. “I cried through every take,” he admits. “I would try to get myself together and I’d get halfway through it and I would just start blubbering every time I tried to sing a line.”

McGraw's video isn't the only one that will have country fans blubbering. Brad Paisley's heartwarming "Today" shares the importance love has in all our lives highlighting weddings, proposals and soldiers coming home from war.

Warning: Keep tissues nearby when watching these videos!

While the heartfelt and seriousness seemed to prevail in many videos released in 2016, so did the fun. Who could forget Dierks Bentley's wild and crazy "Somewhere on a Beach" or Cam's ode to Amelia Earhart with "Mayday"? These are just a few of the 10 videos we've picked for our 10 Best Country Music Videos of 2016 list. You'll also find clips from Brett Eldredge, Kip Moore, Florida Georgia Line and Kelsea Ballerini. Did we forget a video you loved? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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    “Record Year”

    Eric Church

    Eric Church finds himself donating all his vinyl in this song about heartache. The lucky new owner is McKinley James, who also starred in the video for “Mr. Misunderstood.” Church hands over his records one by one as James packs them in boxes and loads them into his car. Later, he transports them and makes unique use of the vinyl as he replaces the weights on a bench press bar with the gifted records.

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    “Peter Pan”

    Kelsea Ballerini

    Ballerini brings to life the story of "Peter Pan" in a beautifully shot music video that stars the singer and her "Lost Boy," who always seems to fly away. Her dream man can't get enough thrill, whether it's in fast cars, a motorcycle or a stunt plane — all showcased throughout this clip.

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    “Running for You”

    Kip Moore

    Kip Moore gets reflective in this heartfelt video about a man telling his love that she should go and pursue her dream of a dancing career without him. He and his love interest struggle being apart, and the short clip acts like a romantic film, with each trying to find themselves while realizing that they're at their best when together.

  • 7

    "May We All"

    Florida Georgia Line ft. Tim McGraw

    This action-packed video pits Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley against each other as competitive race car drivers. It also stars Tim McGraw. Things escalate quickly when Hubbard's car flips over and engulfs him in flames. Thankfully, Kelley saves the day. This is one music video that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • 6

    “Somewhere on a Beach”

    Dierks Bentley

    The "Somewhere on a Beach" video finds one man unlucky in love in Mexico, trying to navigate life alone. His first night out on the town he meets a beautiful woman and after a few drinks that lead to days together on the beach, his outlook has changed for the better. It's one of the best country music videos of 2016!

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    “Wanna Be That Song”

    Brett Eldredge

    Eldredge's love of the Chicago Cubs is no secret, and the singer he managed to film this video at the legendary Wrigley Field. He even spent some time behind the plate and running the bases! Eldredge plays a clean-shaven ’40s baseball star who has dreamed of playing in the major leagues since he was a kid.

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    Cam portrays Amelia Earhart in this beautiful flashback in time. In the video, she is shown as a motivational figure inspiring young girls everywhere to pursue their dreams while giving some insight into that historic flight.

  • 3


    Brad Paisley

    The new wedding song of 2016, "Today" will have the tears flowing. While the song's subject matter is heartfelt, the video brings the track to life with images of soldiers coming home from war, concert proposals, wedding days, baby gender reveals and much, much more. Keep the tissues nearby for this one!

  • 2

    “Humble and Kind”

    Tim McGraw

    This beautiful song written by Lori McKenna was brought to life by McGraw's powerful vocals and a video which shines a light on the many cultures and beliefs throughout the world. McGraw said that he wanted a video that showed the universality of the message of the song, and the over four-minute clip does exactly this.

  • 1

    “Fire Away”

    Chris Stapleton

    Chris Stapleton's "Fire Away" is the most powerful music video released all year. It even won Music Video of the Year at the 2016 CMA Awards, and it is easy to see why. While the storyline is confusing at first, when the video comes to a close, it all makes sense. Showing the difficult life of a woman who ultimately succumbs to mental illness and depression, the video's end leaves a lasting impression.


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