We're all biased in what our favorite things around the state are. I've said this a few times, but Connecticut is known for so many "bests" that there has to be some controversy around what I deem as best compared to what you deem as best.

Something I feel like everyone from around here can agree on is that Candlewood Lake is one of the best lakes in our state. I'm not sure there's much argument on it. Well, I was surprised when I came across a list from Cheapism where Candlewood did not make Connecticut's best lake.

If you ask anyone from around here, they will likely say Candlewood Lake. But would people from Hartford and the northern part of the state say the same? I'm not sure. While Candlewood didn't make Connecticut's best lake this time around, it got me thinking about the lake that did. According to the list, Connecticut's best lake is Bantam Lake.

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Bantam Lake is the largest natural lake in Connecticut. It is home to two beaches - Morris Town Beach and Sandy Beach in Litchfield. According to ctvisit.com, the lake is great for sailing, ice boating, fresh water and ice fishing, and there is also camping available. The address for Bantam Lake is East Shore Drive, Morris if you're ever interested.

For a quick comparison, I looked at how large Bantam Lake is compared to how large Candlewood lake is. Bantam Lake is 947 acres while Candlewood Lake is 5,400 acres. Talk about a size difference!

I don't know too much about Bantam Lake, and it looks beautiful, but I am still going to stick with my original answer. I see Candlewood as the best lake in the state. Which is your favorite and why? Let us know.

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