We are going to break records for heat in these parts soon. As the weekend warms up, we'll get the heat we’ve all been asking for and then some according to Connecticut New 4 TVNot only is it gonna warm up over the weekend, Monday we’ll be in the throes of a “Bermuda High” according to NBC News 4 Meteorologist Josh Cingranelli. Temperatures will reach or be close to 100 degrees Monday.

Father’s Day weekend looks good, with highs in the 80’s Saturday, and rising to the 90’s Sunday, but the big story is Monday’s heat and humidity. The heat index measures how hot it feels, not necessarily what the temperature is. The heat index may get up to 105 degrees Monday.

The heat will retreat after Monday following predicted showers and thunderstorms. Tuesday temperatures will fall back into the low 80’s. The cause of the mad heat Monday is the Bermuda High, and according to Weatherdudes.com a Bermuda High is:

A high pressure area that is usually centered in the vicinity of Bermuda during the spring and summer. This high pressure area is responsible for the prolonged heat waves in the Eastern part of the country.

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