The Taste of Country Music Festival 2017 is upon us. With 55,000 people last year, this years festival is already showing signs of surpassing that number. The music, the mountain, the weather, everything is just about perfect.

I walked around the area on Thursday evening before all the festivities began and took in all the sights before it was filled with country music fans. It is almost surreal walking around with everything buzzing with activity but not the activity that is about to envelope this ski resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.

So, as we set up our radio broadcast, get ready for to interview the artists and set up our KICKS 105.5 tent to get ready to greet listeners and country music fans from all over let me bring you some sights from before the festivities start. Stay tuned and we have lots of great country to bring to you all weekend long.

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