The Wildlife Response Team was called to remove a bear that had been struck and killed this afternoon on I-84 in West Hartford, CT.

In an online article by, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reported an accident involving a motor vehicle and a bear at about 1:00pm Thursday afternoon.

Black Bear sightings are on the rise. The Department of Energy & Environmental Protection says that 40 to 50 bears are struck by motor vehicles each year. Let's face it, wild animals come out of their hiding places because they are hungry and they are looking for food. According to DEEP, the best way to keep bears away is to make sure that you are not inviting them over for dinner. Remove bird feeders in the warmer weather months, don't keep pet food outdoors. Another great tip is to add ammonia to garbage. Bears don't like it. Ammonia has just been added to my shopping list.

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