A woman house sitting in Canton Connecticut last week noticed some strange noises coming from her parked car and then everything went downhill.

Linda Morad told WFSB-TV that all of a sudden she saw her car lights go on and off and heard some bizarre noises coming from her vehicle. As Morad began walking towards the car she dialed 911 and police responded immediately. Here's what Morad told WBZ-TV:

And from inside the house, I saw them open the door and let the bear out - a full-sized bear!

Police opened the door and the bear rushed out of the car and immediately ran into the woods. The police then told Morad she wasn't going to believe what the inside of your car looks like. When Morad looked for herself, she found the bear had demolished the dashboard, the leather seats, the trunk, and the hatchback.

When the car-eating-bear entered the car through the unlocked driver's side door the door shut behind him and that's when the bear absolutely flipped out! In the last year, there have been 6,900 bear sightings in Connecticut.

So, what have we learned today? Lock your car doors even if it's close by and you can see your vehicle and make sure your auto insurance carrier covers damage by psycho animals on a rampage.

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