Back over the winter, I saw a Facebook post for a new business in Gardiner, New York.  It seemed like a great place for those of us who like to head out on hiking and biking adventures in Ulster County. I decided I would head out to find it for myself and check it out but I couldn't tell if they were actually open.

As of today, I can assure you they are open and it is official the BaseCamp in Gardiner New York recently had its official ribbon cutting with the Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center. It looks like it was an exciting day for this outdoor equipment store which apparently serves food too. It that they are very much open for business and what they have going on in the shop looks like the best adventurers convenience store.

Where to Get Supplies for the Shawangunk Ridge in New York

PC: BaseCamp via Facebook
PC: BaseCamp via Facebook

Their description on Facebook says it all and if you do a drive-by you will definitely want to stop in even if you aren't headed out on a local Hudson Valley expedition. BaseCamp is the perfect place to stop before during and after your travels by foot bike or car.

BaseCamp is the Shawangunks hub for outdoor gear, nutrition, cycling, adventure, and culture — a full-service independent adventure emporium, taproom, and outdoor active-lifestyle-nutrition pitstop! (BaseCamp via Facebook)

BaseCamp is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They are open Monday and Thursday from 8 AM to 3 PM. Friday, Saturday and Sunday catch them from 8 AM to 6 PM. You will discover BaseCamp on 44 55 in Gardiner at the intersection of Bruynswick Road.

You don't need to be hitting the trail to stop in for a bite to eat but you are bound to get excited about all BaseCamp has to offer and about the Shawangunk Ridge.

Tour BaseCamp in Gardiner New York

New Outdoor Store in Gardiner, New York

BaseCamp is not just a retail store it is a gathering place for people who are hiking, biking, and traveling through the Shawangunk Ridge for both education and eco-tourism.

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