Remember when you were a kid and had that shoebox full of baseball cards? Well there's a good chance your mom threw out some cards that are worth thousands of dollars today.

It's a story as old as time, well at least as old as some of the first Topps baseball cards that were released in 1951.

It's also a story that hits very close to home. As a kid, I loved collecting baseball cards. I had a number of shoeboxes full of cards from the 70s and 80s. I usually had them sorted in order of teams and I know I had many of the cards that appears on the list below. I'm sure this happened to you as well. One day, after my mom decided it was time to clean out a closet or two, the cards were gone, thrown in the garbage, just like that, without a thought of their value.

Granted, at that time, no one really was thinking about how much a card would be worth one day, basically you were just happy to have some of your favorite players. Also the prices you see listed on these cards are for cards that are in mint condition and have been graded very high, either a 9 or 10. You're not going to get this kind of a payday for cards you had in your bicycle spokes, or ones that you kept in your pocket, but little did your mom know at the time that she was throwing away good money, in some cases thousands of dollars.

Here's a look at some cards from that 70s and 80s era, that according to e-bay, are worth a pretty penny, and I bet you had a few in your collection.....Thanks Mom.

70's And 80's Baseball Cards Your Mom Shouldn't Have Thrown Out

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