Barstool Sports founder/media mogul Dave Portnoy has made pizza reviews tolerable. Instead of watching Youtube episodes that run 48 minutes and include a lot of rear-end smooching, Portnoy boils it down to the bare bones and provides ratings that people respect.

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Portnoy's one-bite pizza reviews have become appointment viewing on social media, racking up millions of hits so when he comes to your town, it's a big deal. Recently, "El Pres" made his way back to Connecticut to review some pizza spots for the first time. Here are some of the Nutmeg State reviews he's done in May of 2024.

Mystic Pizza - Mystic

This is the Connecticut pizza review I've been waiting for. Mystic Pizza is a really cool place that was featured in a very popular movie years ago, but the pizza is not what I would call traditional Connecticut Pizza. I've been very curious to see how Portnoy would rate it. Dave gave Mystic Pizza a 6.2 out of 10 and said it was more like Greek pizza.

Mango's Wood Fired Pizza - Mystic 

It cannot be easy to run a pizza place in Mystic, Connecticut if you are not called "Mystic Pizza" so I have to show respect for the effort right out of the gate. What did Dave Portnoy give it? He gave it a 7.5 out of 10 and was critical of the restaurant's name.

According to a Wednesday, May 15th report from NBC Connecticut, Portnoy also made recent stops at

  • Sicily Coal Fired Pizza in Middletown
  • Mondo Restaurant in Middletown
  • GG's Wood Fired Pizza in Milford

Portnoy's rating for those pizza spots have yet to be published.

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There's a Retro Pizza Hut Inside This Amazing New Haven Air Bnb

New Haven is the Pizza Capital of the world, and if El Presidente comes back to town, I found the perfect place for him to sleep off the cheese coma - A very cool rental available on Air Bnb that features a classic Pizza Hut booth, complete with those big red plastic cups. Have a look at this place, it's available for under $100 a night.

Gallery Credit: Jason via

America’s Most Horrific Pizza Has 3 Locations In Connecticut

24/7 Wall Street conducted a study to uncover America's worst pizza. They scoured the internet for negative pizza reviews and compiled a list using the following method:

"consulted pizza reviews from five different food blogs and websites. Given the subjective nature of pizza preferences, we only included pizza chains that consistently ranked near the bottom across multiple sites."

After their investigation, it was revealed that the title of worst pizza in America belongs to three locations right here in Connecticut. Let's count down from 5 to 1 as we reveal the state's most disappointing pizzas and identify their locations.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Hat City Group Selects 10 of The Best Breakfast Sandwiches-Delis in Danbury Area

If you consider yourself a breakfast sandwich connoisseur, you know that a bad one will really upset you, so getting the right deli or breakfast spot is what matters most. Most breakfast sandwich extremists know exactly where they are going when they are hungry in the morning and they have their favorite spot. They'll travel out of there way to get there if necessary and it will be worth every extra second.

Maybe you don't have a favorite, or your preference isn't in business anymore, maybe you are new to the Danbury area and if so, you came to the right place. I found a pretty comprehensive list of some of the Danbury areas best places for a breakfast sandwich and It just happened to be on the Danbury, CT Reddit page.

If you are looking to have someone blow smoke up your a--, there are plenty of websites where you can get that. If you want honest, harsh and critical reviews, go to Reddit. If you find a positive review on Reddit, it's because the place they are recommending is very good at what they do.

Someone just like you (u/JansportStrings) was is search of breakfast on Sunday and posted: "Best Breakfast Sandwiches/Delis in the Area?" Below are the delis/eateries they selected.

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