What are some of the most iconic foods here in Connecticut?

The first that comes to mind is pizza of course. If you want to get into an argument, throw these names out - Pepe's, Modern, Sally's, Domenick & Vinnie's, and Bar. My favorite pizza is Pepe's white clam. In fact, it's the favorite of a lot of people that I speak with.

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But, there's always a naysayer, someone that had a bad experience due to whatever it was that day - a bored server, angry owner/chef, not enough napkins, a dirty plate, etc. I love scrolling through and reading online reviews. It stuns me when someone has a bad experience at a place that I love.

I started reading online reviews of some of Connecticut's iconic food places on Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor. I chose a few of the best places to get a famous food item here in the state, but, I flipped it around, and wanted to see why they gave an almost universally loved establishment a bad review.

Here are some of the ones that are so absurd, they made me laugh.

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