Barbara Nicolini moved with her family to the United States from the Province of Milano, Italy, in 2013 with aspirations of opening an authentic Italian bakery in her new home in Brookfield. Barb and I went back and forth on FB Messenger about how she made her dream come true. This is Barbara Niciolini's story.

"I am excited that Ethan chose to spread the word about my new authentic pastry boutique called 'Barbara's Delights. 

"Growing up in Italy, food was always what brought the family together, especially the cake at the end of the meal, and we try to teach to our kids the beauty of making food together."
'Barbara's Delights' FB Page
"Since I was a child, spending time in the kitchen with my grandmothers, kneading dough and talking and learning. My heart was full, and the smell in the house was so good! It’s like magic! With just a few ingredients - flour, eggs, sugar, butter - I can bake anything I want! I also remember the giant elegantly decorated tables for family celebrations and the kitchen full of delights and everything in the right place. I was delighted!"
"Coming here, I was amazed to find out that there are no pastry shops! You have no idea of what we have in Italy: beautiful, gigantic pastry shops full of any delights, cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, bread, focaccia… and you sit and enjoy anything you desire!"
"So I have decided to start a business in Delights to bring here the Authentic Italian Pastries. 8 years ago, when I moved with my family, I have started to sign my delights with the name Barbara’s Delights, and I didn’t know that one day it could have become my job."
Barbara's Delights FB Page...
Her loaves of bread and pastries are all made with the finest, fresh, and organic ingredients. No store-bought eggs for Barb's delights. She travels to various farms in the area to purchase the freshest eggs possible.
I remember that fresh bakery smells from the days when Mindy and I first moved to Connecticut in March 1979. We rented an apartment in the New Fairfield community of Candlewood Hills and opened a small convenience store.
The highlight of the week was driving to the New York Bake Shop on Main Street in Danbury every Sunday at 6 AM to pick up our order of homemade bakery goodies to sell in our little store. They had just come out of the bakery's ovens only hours before. The aroma of homemade muffins, donuts, bagels, turnovers, and coffee cakes were memories I will never forget.

Barb passionately told me about her custom cakes, tarts, pastries, sourdough, and focaccias bread. Currently, her business is a cottage food operation where she bakes out of her home. She went on to tell me her plan for the near future when she said, "But my dream in the next few years is to open a storefront like the ones I was attending living in Milano." I forgot to tell you my motto!! If you can’t go to Italy to buy your cakes and pastries, let my Italian Delights come to you!

Barbara's Delights FB Page...

Until she opens her own storefront authentic Italian pastry shop, you can talk with Barb and place an order by going to the 'Barbara's Delights' Facebook page or call 203-731-9871. Mangia!









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