All that sand, salt mixture in Danbury not being used for the roads anymore is going up for auction this week.

In a follow up story I wrote two weeks ago, "Danbury's City Council Votes Unanimously To Unload Sand and Salt To Highest Bidder", the date has been set for the auction.

Joe Cavo, President of Danbury's Common Council shared the following info with me.

The auction is happening Wednesday Jan.18 at 1 p.m.,and the sand is located at Danbury Public Works, 53 Newtown Road. The City is using The Hamilton Group, LLC for the live on - site bidding. You can also bid online through and the link at

Specifications include information on when and where successful bidders go to get the mixture, how long you have to pick it up and more. Click on danbury - for all the info.

And for our New Milford peeps, while this sand isn't free, you might want to get in on the bidding.

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