Claire's stores reportedly retailed 17 items that tested positive for tremolite asbestos, and has pulled those items from store shelves. A Rhode Island television stationWJAR  states that not only was the makeup containing asbestos found at Claire’s in the Providence Place Mall, but has become a nationwide worry.


Products were tested from nine different states and those tests revealed the same contamination from asbestos. This information leads us to be concerned about makeup purchased from Claire’s stores here in the Greater Danbury, and Hudson Valley region.


Asbestos exposure has been known to cause cancer. The family that discovered the toxic makeup had their daughter’s makeup tested and later gathered the samples from nine other states.


Claire’s stores state that they are conducting an immediate investigation, and have pulled the makeup from their shelves. There is a Claire's in Danbury Fair Mall; to check to see if you have the makeup that has been recalled, take a look at the Claire's website.

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