Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg now stand watch the Danbury, CT.

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Friday night I was out for my evening walk with my family in Downtown Danbury and we decided to walk past where we knew the mural was being painted in Kennedy Park, only to find out the artist, ARCY was way ahead of schedule.

Lou Milano

You can see the artist in the background doing his thing. With the official unveiling set for today (8/2/21), at 2 PM, I knew he was working fast.

While I was there, I spoke to the Executive Director of City Center Danbury, Angela Wong about the artist named ARCY and she said, "he's worked non-stop, we keep asking him if he needs anything or wants anything, he says I'm good, he brought his own food and drink."

The City of Danbury teamed up with City Center, DaSilva Realty and RiseUP for Arts/CT to bring this beautiful gift to 300 Main Street that overlooks Kennedy Park.

The painting is called "Legends Live Forever," and ARCY had this to say about the work:

“Throughout history, many have created change, many have left their mark. Through the echoes of the past, we find pride in our predecessors, we honor their story, we communicate their words and we display their actions. Dare to Dream, Believe to Inspire, Strive for Justice.”

The official unveiling ceremony is set for today at 2 PM. You might ask, why would I go when you've already shown me the picture? You've seen it now, right? No, you just can't appreciate the details from a photograph and should really check it out for yourself.

For Instance, on Friday there was a detail I had not noticed that stuck out when I went back on Sunday to take a photo for this article. If you look closely, you will see there is a ladder coming down off the top of the building and it's bolted to the side of the building right around J.F.K.'s hairline. The artist didn't ignore the ladder, he painted behind the ladder and the ladder itself with the same exact details that way if you look at it straight on or from an angle, it looks the same.

This mural is something really special that Danbury residents can enjoy for many years to come.

P.S. Yes, most of the kids in that photo are mine and one is their cousin.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

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