Everyone has pet peeves. Honestly, the phrase "pet peeves" is a pet peeve of mine. I don't know why, it just sounds stupid.

Should I name my next cat "Peeve"? After all, he will be my "pet". But then does that mean he is an annoyance? Will that have lasting effects on him? Does my little play on words become a self-fulfilling prophecy? You have to be careful. Don't forget, there is that whole "what you throw out into the universe comes back to you" thing.

Do they call it a "pet peeve" because it is a personal thing, something that has a particular annoyance to, let's say, me, but not to someone else and because of that we feed it, nuture it, give it a home. Is that why it is a pet peeve?

Is your list of pet peeves similar to mine?

  • taking the garbage out and not replacing the bag
  • someone who coughs but doesn't cover their mouth
  • slow walkers in front of you that you can't pass
  • a group of people in front of you taking up the whole aisle, sidewalk, etc
  • anyone walking in front of me
  • the sound of someone clipping their nails (ugh)
  • when someone asks me "is that Linda with an "y"? No, and why do you care?
  • holding the door for someone who doesn't say "thank you"
  • group texts
  • not using a directional signal while driving
  • using the left lane as a non-passing lane
  • anyone driving in front of me

As I composed this list I realized that I probably have way too many to actually keep someone interested in reading this, not to mention that if I continue I'll probably be looked at as the person who hates everything. There's another one right there! When someone says "not to mention" aren't they about to mention what they don't want to mention? Are there too many questions in this blog?

I think I just gave myself a headache.



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