Normally, you should be very careful when you see a story about this subject. There are indeed a lot of scammers out there. But this is real. The State of New York wants to know if they, or someone they may know, owes you money. Sure, it sounds like "fake news", but nope, this is legit. I got this link straight from my New York State Senator, George A. Amedore, Jr.

I entered my name, and unfortunately, I wasn’t owed anything. However my mother and my late father were on this list. They don’t tell you how much you are owed, but it’s sure worth investigating. It’s like free money because you never knew you had it.

Banks, insurance companies, corporations and the courts are among the many organizations required by law to report dormant accounts to the State Comptroller. These organizations must attempt to notify you by mail and publish the information in newspapers. Despite these efforts, many funds remain unclaimed and are turned over to the Office of the State Comptroller.

It only takes seconds to check it out.

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