Danbury is considered a medium-sized city with a population of 84,992 people. The city is comprised of 15 different neighborhoods, and Danbury is also the seventh largest city in Connecticut.

Danbury has, for many years now, been listed nationally as one of America's safest cities. According to neighborhoodscout.com, it's actually safer than 38% of all U.S. cities, and compared to other communities of similar population size, Danbury has a crime rate that is noticeably lower than the average.

So where are the safest neighborhoods in Danbury? Here's a look at the Top 5:


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    This neighborhood starts at I-84 by exit 6, and is bordered on one side by Route 37, Padanaram Road, and on the other side by Route 39, Clapboard Ridge Road. It runs up until Milltown Road and the New York border, and Ball Pond Road heading towards New Fairfield. You'll find Danbury High School in the middle of this Danbury neighborhood.

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    This neighborhood is bordered on one side by Franklin Street Extension and Middle River Road, and on the other side by the New York Border. It runs up until West King Street and the New Fairfield Border. You'll find Richter Golf Course and Western Connecticut State University's West Side Campus in this Danbury neighborhood.

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    This neighborhood starts at I-84 and is bordered on one side by Great Plain Road and the other side by Route 37 and runs up until the New Fairfield border. You'll find Hatters Park, The Danbury Town Park and Bear Mountain all in this Danbury Neighborhood.

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    One of the smallest neighborhoods on the list, this one is bordered by Stadley Rough Road on one side and Lower Pine Cove on the other. It runs up until Driftwood Point, and includes Aqua Vista and St. Gregory The Great Chuch and School in this Danbury Neighborhood.

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    The number one safest neighborhood in Danbury is bordered by Route 39 on one side and Middle River Road on the other. It starts by I-84 and Franklin Street Extension, and goes until Ball Pond Road and Milltown Road by the New Fairfield, New York border. You'll find Ridgewood Country Club and Upper Kohanza Lake in this Danbury Neighborhood.