The newly adjusted loud exhaust law went into effect back on April 1st and since then some car show enthusiasts have noticed that some police departments have started to target them.

Last month we told you about how the Department of Motor Vehicles has started to increase the fines and penalties for motorists, inspection stations, and repair shops that illegally modify mufflers or exhaust systems to make them excessively noisy. The new law went into effect on April 1st and now prohibits the sale or the offer to alter the muffler of any vehicle to make it louder than it was originally.

Anyone caught modifying any muffler on a car or truck to be louder will be subjected to fines up to $1,000 and/or up-to 30 days in jail. The fine for anyone caught modifying a muffler on a motorcycle could be up to $500.

Are Police Targeting Car Shows?

Stiff fines and the threat of possible jail time have caused some car folks concern because they are alleging that some local police are now targeting popular car shows to enforce the new law. A Facebook post in a car group sent out a warning this week...

"Bear Mountain car show in NY today. Cops were there handing exhaust tickets out to people for loud exhaust. Due to NYS's new exhaust laws 👎🏻. Gotta say NY is starting to make me think about moving south."

Some are in Favor of the New Law

Once that post went up the comment section exploded with many agreeing that the new law is going to hurt car shows in the future, "Great, now let’s ruin car shows with stupid money grab NY LAWS! Everyone bring your hot hods to the car show and get a $1000.00 ticket! 1/2 of them will probably not be back😢"

Not everyone is upset with the new law as people from all across the Hudson Valley have stated publicly that they are in favor of making cars less noisy. One comment on Facebook stated that "I don't want to see car shows end BUT I do want the roads where I live to have less noise. There's no reason for any car to sound like an airplane!"

Do you think it's wrong for the police to ticket car show supporters/attendees that are violating the new loud exhaust law? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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