It's just the Hudson River, right? Wrong!

Over the course of many years in the Hudson Valley, lots of businesses have come and gone. If you drive around any of the main roads in the area you'll notice many businesses are something different today then they were way back when.

Unfortunately some places sit empty today, like the building we told you about a few weeks ago in Poughkeepsie, which after hundreds of comments and messages, was supposedly a great deli back in the day, today it sits boarded up and vacant. Hopefully one day it will reopen as something...fingers crossed!

Another location that has come and gone, was suggested to us by a fan of the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show. Becky set me this picture and asked me if I remembered what used to be here? Her first clue was it's off of the Newburgh waterfront. Take a look.....


Could it be!! YES..That's where Gully's used to be, right? I can't tell by her picture but is Gully's still floating, or is it gone? If you have no clue what Gully's is, it's one place that many people reading this right now spent a lot of time back in the day. It was one of the only floating restaurants and nightclubs in the Hudson Valley. Now it wasn't a boat, more like a barge, converted to a restaurant/bar and if you spent anytime there you probably have a story. Most people do...LOL!

I never spent anytime there as I was always up the river at Front Streets before it turned into Billy Joe's but from what friends tell me, it was an experience that was like no other. If you ever partied at Gully's and actually remember the night, we'd love to hear your story. Call or text us through the Wolf app or leave us a comment below.

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