Is your grocery store routine anything like mine?

Every weekday morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, we start the day with something we call the "early morning brain stimulator". It's a question we asked at 6:15 a.m. each morning to do what we ca to activate everyone's brain! We not only ask it on the air, but we post it on all of our social media pages as well. Here's what it looks like on Facebook and Instagram...

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That question is the one that sparked a conversation about how we all grocery shop. If you do the shopping for your family, when you're at the store, do you go up and down every aisle in the store while your shopping?

More than half of us do and that got us talking about our store routines. I'm one of those shoppers that goes up and down just about every aisle in the store. Why?? I'm one of those people that needs a reminder with some of the things I need in my house. The things that didn't make it onto my list but when I see them in the store I remember I needed it.

Jess told us that she's a "in and out" girl. She knows what she wants and gets into the store, finds what she needs and she's out! If you don't know, she also experiences grocery store anxiety anytime she goes shopping, so that might be why she rushes...LOL!

Do you go up and down every aisle? If you don't, what are the aisles you avoid going down? Marty texted us, "I do my best to avoid the ice cream aisle! Can’t even look at it or it drags you in !" OMG! So true! Lambo texted, "The only time I went down ever single aisle was when I had babies AND a sitter!! Now I go in and what ever way is fastest to the item I need and the fastest way out! Kids are grown need to get home to wine 30 time!!!"

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