I love Antiques Roadshow, the PBS television program that airs Monday nights at 8PM on Connecticut Public Television.

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If you've never seen it, the show has been in production since 1997, and it's a traveling antiques appraisal show where local antique owners bring their valuables to a venue and their item is appraised by an expert in whichever category the antique fits into, and the history and the value of the item are discussed. The fun of the show is when someone brings what they through was a worthless heirloom, that turns out to actuality be very valuable, or a piece of junk.

Antiques Roadshow produced their show all across the United States, and they've filmed episodes in Connecticut in the past. Well, Connecticut Public has just announced that Antiques Roadshow will film in Middletown, Connecticut on August 10 at the Wadsworth Museum, and they are accepting applications right now if you have an interesting item that you'd like appraised on their show.


That's a photo of the Wadsworth Museum in Middletown, and I can just imagine the sweet sound of the clarinet and the Antiques Roadshow theme song when I see it.

So, if you think that you have the next big Antiques Road Show find, enter your item online by clicking HEREBefore you do, make sure you have a short description of your item, and how you came to own it, write down any known story or background info you know about your item, and upload two or three digital photos of your item with your entry. The deadline for entries for the August 10, 2021 Middletown Antiques Roadshow taping is June 7, 2021. Good luck, and I hope I get to see your stunned expression in the Feedback Booth.

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