The bar and restaurant business is a tough one. While some places catch on, others open and and close in a very short time.

Juddy's Place, near the Danbury/ Ridgefield line on Route 7, has closed its doors, apparently permanently.  The building had sat empty for several years after its longtime occupant, Triangles, had closed. Juddy's had opened last October and had put a lot of work into the building.

Juddy's hosted a lot of popular bands on the weekends, and I went there a couple of times to catch some live music. I found it to be a very comfortable place, with a long bar, plenty of room, a pub style menu, and a nice outdoor patio with golf-green turf.

Juddy's web site and Facebook page have been pulled down, and I've seen posts from several bands that had been booked to play there announcing their cancellations. We wish the staff at Juddy's all the best.

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