Here's another amazing 4k video from friend of the show, Urban Archeologist, Mark M. Passero Jr. aka, Themightymoze on Youtube. It’s a short video of the East Haddam Bridge and the Connecticut River ice jam. It's another vantage point of the ice jam that's been flooding some of the lower lying areas that parallel the Connecticut River.

Mark observes in his Youtube text commentary:

Notice that the ice is quite literally 'jammed' between the bridge supports, the shore and the docks at the marina there. There's a whole lot of force pushing against the upper edges of the ice sheet that is being held together by compressive force alone with such little disturbance in the water itself.

This video contains beautiful views of the Goodspeed Opera House, the Connecticut River, Harper's Landing, as well as historic Haddam Connecticut. While this video was shot by drone, The U.S. Coast Guard was on the river most likely downstream. They’ve been hard at work on the river this past week.

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