No doubt, when a family member is living with cancer, whether it's breast cancer or any other kind, Ann's Place can truly be a Godsend.

Because it's October, breast cancer awareness month, we salute Ann's Place for all they do for patients and survivors of breast cancer. But we also salute them for their work with all who are affected by every other kind of cancer as well.

Located at 80 Saw Mill Road in Danbury, they are a non profit organization offering community based cancer support for people from eastern New York and Connecticut,. They describe what they are all about in an introduction on their website:

[we feature] professional counseling, support groups, wellness activities and educational resources.  Thousands of people facing cancer come to us for support, all at no charge. We assist you and your loved ones to create a unique pathway through cancer that enhances your quality of life.

From meeting some of the people involved with Ann's Place in Danbury, I've come to understand how they provide comfort in the storm of coping with cancer in any form. There's assistance for the enitre family. If you or someone you know is living with cancer, Ann's Place is here to help.

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