Super Bowl 52 is almost here featuring the Patriots and the Eagles. The so called experts use stats, and analytics to make their predictions, but we have our own ways. Our animals have each picked a winner it's unanimous!

If you look up the definition of unanimous you'll see it's when people (or in this case animals) are united in agreement, in accord, of one mind, in harmony, undivided etc. Somehow these animals all picked the same team to be victorious on super sunday. None of these animals was bribed or influenced in any way. Mr. Morning and Suzy are proud to be part of this video with their prognosticating pig 'Racine'. We traveled to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains to meet up with 'Racine', and tap in to her prognosticating talents.

Before you wager anything on any team in the big game, watch this video. Remember there are no guarantees in this life, and we're not telling you who to bet your life savings on. This is for entertainment purposes only, but hey they may be right.

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