A few weeks ago, Garth Brooks announced he would be going out on a 7-city Dive Bar Tour, and that got us thinking -- we have a few Dive Bars right here in Greater Danbury that he could play. So we penned an open letter to Garth, asking him to come to the area based on YOUR suggestions on local bars he could play at.

Dear Garth,

Since you first announced your current Dive Bar Tour, we here at KICKS 105.5 have been trying to think of some of the great places you could play in our area. Now, we know the chances are slim that you would pick one of our local dive bars, but our listeners have come up with a list of their favorite dives and we would love for you to at least consider making one of them a stop on your current Dive Bar Tour. Please see the list that our followers put together below. 

Thanks, Garth, and we really hope to see you soon.

Sincerely yours, 

Mr. Morning and KICKS 105.5

Okay, so that was our letter, and now here's a look at some of the top local suggestions that came in through our online poll:

kicks image
kicks image

Robert CrainMarcel's Place or Uncle Al's Cafe

Barbara Render-FerentheilMurphy’s pub. Though it’s not a dive bar - a great place to be.

Lloyd DaleyMolly Darcy's

John SchoeppThe 440 line in new Fairfield!!

Jennifer Fitzgerald-HayNot Danbury, but what about The country bar The Bull & Barrel in Brewster?

Claire Sposato GundeckLakeside Pub

Tonya SmithWidow Browns

Kelley LanahanDown the Hatch of course

Toni RobinsonO'Brien's Irish pub

So those of some of the most popular choices in Greater Danbury. Now all we can do is just sit back, hope Garth sees this letter and decides that one of these Dive Bars would work for his tour.

Don't hold your breath, but at least we're giving it a shot. Here's one way you can help -share this story with as many people as you can. The more it's out there, the better the chance that Garth will actually see it.

Here's some inside info about the song Dive Bar from our friends at Taste Of Country: 

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