The Unicorn Frappuccino. That should be all I have to say. This item should need no marketing strategy, it should sell itself without any question. I mean, what is more perfect than a Unicorn?

I will admit a few things to you right here that I am not ashamed to say. Ready? I have a unicorn pillowpet that sleeps with me every night. A few weeks ago, my husband was feeling a bit down and I bought him a unicorn with a light up horn who neighs and makes that other sound that unicorns make. My friend, Princess Mo, here at the radio stations gave me a unicorn horn that lights up. I wore it in the building once but I got those "jealous" "hater" looks. I have so many more revelations, my college mascot was, yes, a unicorn. The Seton Unicorns, that's who we were and will always be.

Unicorns are so perfect that sometimes they are pictured with wings. Let's get this straight, that is a Pegacorn, half Pegasus, half Unicorn. A full-bred Unicorn does not need wings to fly, that's why they're so perfect.

Oh, I could go on and on, (like that wasn't obvi by now) but come and take a road trip with Cat Rose (an honorary unicorn and fellow card carrying member of UA-Unicorns Annonymous) and I as we search for the Unicorn Frappuccino.

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