There are so many fast food places to go to at this point in time. Everywhere you turn, there's a chain for you to conveniently go and get your food.

I am no expert on this sort of topic because I haven't eaten at more than half of the restaurant chains we have on the east coast, and I'll also be the one to argue that in n out is completely overhyped and doesn't taste good. But I guess that's besides the point. I will always try to eat local before hitting up a chain.

America has turned to convenience and seems to rely on these chains for a quick bite when they're in a pinch. I feel that food chains have an automatic negative connotation to them, but I really feel like some aren't all that bad. For example, I think Jersey Mikes is a perfect example of a great restaurant chain. I have never walked into a Jersey Mikes that a - tasted bad or b - was not clean. I guess we can all have personal preference when it comes to this sort of topic.

Clarify Capital put together a study of The Most and Least Trusted Brands and restaurants were a specific category. Safe to say I was pretty surprised by the results. The site says they gained their data by reaching out to the Better Business Bureau who then surveyed 1,000 Americans.

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First, we can highlight the most-trusted restaurant brands. The most-trusted restaurant chain came out as Pizza Hut. Following Pizza Hut was KFC and the McDonald's. I was genuinely surprised by that data. I feel there are many better brands out there than Pizza Hut, but hey, I wasn't included in this study.

Now for the least-trusted brands. The chain that took the top place for least-trusted was Panera Bread. Following Panera Bread was Sonic Drive-In and then Chipotle. These also surprise me. I personally feel there are far worse chains than Panera Bread.

Panera currently has 34 Connecticut locations blanketing the entire state and I feel like more continue to pop up pretty regularly. They have a wide selection of food items to cater to many people. You have soups, sandwiches, salads, bakery items, the famous "you pick two" and so on.

What do you think about these findings? Do you agree with them? Let us know.

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