Available right now on Amazon for the low, low price of $99 is the OSTRICH PILLOW. The Ostrich is great for air travel, a nap on your lunch break or just for convincing people you recently escaped from a "facility."

Why bother with obnoxious, hard to store neck rolls or actual pillows? The Ostrich allows you to store your pillow, right where it will end up, on your head. The Ostrich is hand washable, comfortable and has a revolutionary design.

Never wonder where, when or how you will sleep again. With the OSTRICH PILLOW, the world is your bed. The OSTRICH PILLOW is available in a variety of colors, as long as those colors are "Sleepy Blue."

Isn't $99 dollars an amazingly low price for a fashion forward, sleep anywhere solution? The answer is yes, it is an amazingly low price to look like an extremely lazy, unproductive, human light bulb. With your purchase of the Ostrich, your shipping is FREE.

Act now because the company that manufactures this product will likely be out of business by the end of this sentence.

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